We have various warranty options on offer depending on your needs, affordability and type of vehicle.

A warranty is a mechanical breakdown insurance which would cover major mechanical components such as engine, gearbox, differential, drive shafts, steering, fuel system, and braking and cooling systems.

You will, however, be liable for maintenance/service items, seals, wheel bearings, clutch plate, pressure plate and release bearing, and overheating damage and fair wear and tear, depending on the warranty you choose.

Most warranties offer a form of ‘Roadside Assistance’ benefits as well as benefits to assist with the cost of hotel, towing expenses, and the provision of a rental vehicle and legal services, to name but a few.

Please consult your selling CFAO Motors SA dealership regarding your options:

  • Autocare Warranty (Primary, Double-Up and Premier)
  • Automark Warranty
  • G2 Warranty (Williams Hunt & Reeds)
  • VW Mastercars Warranty
  • Utility Warranty
  • Taxi Warranty
  • Truck Warranty

Terms of Agreement

Of necessity the descriptions of the above policies are summaries of the policy features and benefits. Full details of the insurance covers, and the exclusions and/or deductions and/or additional excesses thereunder, are set out in the policy document.

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